Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Truth about Free Web Hosting

Something you may have to consider with free web hosting is that you will more often than not have to display endorsements of some sort which offsets the costs for your web hosting. Free web hosting may not be a bad idea for certain groups of people that have an explicit purpose. For beginners and people looking to gain knowledge about developing websites, free web hosting is advantageous. Free Christian web hosting is available at Jesus&Co Christian Web Services for Christian ministries. Have you any reservations if free hosting is any good? Even though I am a strong believer that free hosting is questionable there are some good honest companies out there that offer it. Some like Jesus&Co Hosting offer it without ads. However, a lot of these companies only offer a basic kind of hosting, but it can prove to be reliable.

All web pages are downloaded from a spring called the web server. These pages need to be stored in a server in order for a visit to your website to be possible. Just like any ordinary business, an online company requires; an address, or place on the internet where your website is located. In today's online world, a business' web site is its life blood and should be carefully thought of as such by the web hosting company. A smart sales site will feature customer testimonials on its very own page. When evaluating a hosting company, there are a few essential elements that need to be investigated very carefully. .


Each hosting account should only have a single password; therefore once logged in you can administer each domain. A sub-domain is a lower level directory in your primary directory. This is true only if it goes at the front of your website name. Even though sub domains are almost identical to having a site within a site, they are not merely additional web pages of an established website. Several web service companies offer free domains with their hosting plans. This custom is all right as long as the domain is registered in your name and you are the owner.


If you decide on a UNIX server, PHP and database support can be powerful tools for running content management systems, applications, forums, and more. Support should be accessible by most web hosting providers that charge a fee. Technical support is one of the leading things to consider in selecting your web hosting provider. Having access to 24 hour support is beneficial, especially if its 3 o’clock in the morning and that last file refuses to upload, and your site is being non-responsive. A lot of the bigger web hosting companies offer toll free support and weekend hours but you will generally pay more for something most people don’t need. Usually, you can pick a web hosting company that offers regular business hours and you will save a lot of money.


Most free hosting companies will have a clause in their terms that state that they do not guarantee uptime because they offer their services for free. If this is of little or no importance to you then a free web hosting service may meet your needs. Nevertheless, make sure they house the servers in an independent secure location with its own power grid. This way you know that even if there is a major blackout they won’t lose any business or important files. For example the company mentioned earlier owns and independently houses their servers in a secure location with its own power grid.


Since the inception of web hosting, virtually anyone can now create their own web site. An uncomplicated website costs little to maintain and operate, and free web hosting is extensively available from many providers. Lastly, free web hosting may not be a bad thing for certain individuals and organizations, such as churches, ministries, and missionaries who have an explicit purpose. Beginners and people seeking to become skilled at developing websites, free web hosting is the way to go. If the function is critical and there is no lenience for problems, then free webhosting is may not be suitable. Again, if this is the case research the company to make sure they own and operate their servers securely. Free Christian web hosting is available Jesus&Co Christian Web Services.

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